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November 2, 2021 | by Admin

5 Unique Flower Decoration Ideas for Diwali

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Diwali, literally translated as “Day of Lights” or “Festival of Lights,” is one of India’s most entertaining celebrations. Lord Rama returned home on this day after defeating the demon king Ravana. We clean and decorate our homes, and we celebrate by eating sweets and lighting candles and lamps throughout the house.

Usually, we use electric lights to adorn and decorate our homes, but this year, why not add beautiful flowers and fantastic arrangements as well? Flower decorations are always lovely, refreshing the environment and brightening the mood. Take a look at some stunning Diwali flower decoration ideas from experts of team Balloonpro, the best flower decorators in Bangalore.

Exterior Floral Arrangements

Hanging sparkling electric lights in various eye-catching patterns and occasional diyas are typical exterior Diwali decorations. Flowers, diyas, and lights are all part of this Diwali celebration. Decorate the top and sides of your home’s doors with flower garlands.

Carnations can be used to embellish the arches. Create flower patterns that match the decor of your home’s windows. For a more exotic look, combine marigold flowers with lilies, carnations, and orchids. With the decorations, including the auspicious mango and bel leaves. This Diwali floral arrangement would be lovely and pleasant to guests.

Interior Floral Arrangements

On Diwali, it’s also significant to decorate the interior of the house. It is where your relatives and guests gather for sweets and celebrations. Place an order for a large floral bouquet as well as four smaller bouquets for the corners. Order a bouquet that includes hydrangeas, and roses in other colors except red, tulips, and lilies.

For a flowery ambiance, place the large bouquet in the center of your living room and the little bouquets in small tables at the corners. It will make an outstanding welcome sight for your guests, as well as a notable spot for children to take photographs with their siblings and cousins.

Flower Chandelier

Chandeliers made of flowers and foliage can be used to decorate the ceiling of your home. These are simple to make, and if you have trouble, go online for a DIY tutorial or place an order through a florist. They can be hung from ceilings, corners, light fixtures, and even ceiling fans. They will rejuvenate and decorate your home while also making it look beautiful.

Rangoli Made of Flowers

At festivals and celebrations, rangoli is a traditional color arrangement made on the floor. Make a rangoli out of flowers this Diwali. Flowers come in a wide range of colors and are a better alternative to colors that may contain chemicals. Flowers also have a pleasant fragrance.

Use all shades of color from various flowers, such as white from daisies and jasmines, yellow from orange marigolds, and red from roses, among others. Make use of every part of the flowers, and most importantly, let your imagination go wild. If you include some diyas in the arrangement, your Diwali flower decoration ideas will be admired by everyone in the neighborhood.

Decorate Your Pooja Room

We light lamps and pray to Goddess Laxmi for everlasting prosperity on Diwali. A great Diwali flower decoration tip is to brighten up your pooja place with a focus on flowers. Decorate the pooja room with garlands. Cover the wall behind the idols with various flowers arranged in auspicious patterns such as Om and Swastik signs. Fill your pooja thali with marigolds and roses, and as a finishing touch, place some flowers at the Goddess’s feet.

So there you have it: the various Diwali decoration ideas with flowers that we have compiled for you this year. You can use flowers to beautify your home and enjoy Diwali in a beautiful and fragrant environment. And if you want to throw a lavish Diwali party this year, then for any assistance, contact team Balloonpro, the top event planners in Bangalore.

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