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January 30, 2023 | by Admin

7 Different Flowers You Can Use for Your Wedding

Bangalore Flower Decoration

Without fresh flowers, a wedding wouldn’t be the same. The wedding flowers, which provide beauty, fragrance, or even a whimsical burst of color, are one of the most distinguishing aspects of your special day. However, there are numerous different flower varieties and forms available. Consulting with the Top Flower Decorators near Me in Bangalore can also provide you with more feasible options to choose from.

Even if you have a particular flower in mind, the appropriate flowers for your special day depend on your budget, color scheme, and style. Selecting a typical wedding flower that complements your wedding season and theme can lessen the tension on the big day. A flower that is in season will cost less and be simpler to select. Here are a few flowers that you can consider using on your big day:


You can prefer to use one or two hydrangeas as part of your bouquet or make a couple into a centerpiece due to their abundant, full blooms. They symbolize fortitude and passion for their heart-like form. In white or soft pink, the hydrangea delivers softness and elegance.


For a spring or summer wedding, the rich and fragrant peony offers a beautiful aspect. Large, delicate peonies make lovely bouquets when combined with other flowers of a cream color and eucalyptus. Peonies can also be found in coral, mahogany, and yellow hues in addition to the classic colors of pink, white, and red.


The customary red rose, which is a sign of love and pureness, is always a decent choice for your big day. Even while roses are a characteristic choice, there are many other flowers you can use to form a bouquet just for you. Most Event Planners in Bangalore will prefer to use roses since they are the perfect flower for any bride, wedding season, or theme because there are different varieties with a range of shades and sizes.


If you are looking forward to having a unique Indian wedding, you can add a splash of color and bright touch to your wedding décor using delphiniums. The ideal flowers for the situation are delphiniums. They were initially utilized in Western weddings, but Indians are now more likely to employ them. Delphiniums represent an open and compassionate heart, serving as a floral greeting.

Gerbera Daisies:

Looking for a colorful and fun-loving addition to your wedding décor? Consider using gerbera daisies. You could find what you’re looking for among gerbera daisies. The professional Flower Decorators near Me in Bangalore consider using these flowers come in a variety of hues as they are ideal for a more relaxed event. They can give your setting a touch of rustic appeal. Above all, these cheerful flowers are a lovely way to convey loyalty and pure affection.

Calla Lilies:

On your special day, the calla lily’s trumpet blossom and long stem, which have a sleek and modern appearance, would make a dramatic statement. Organize a few in a tall vase to make a beautiful centerpiece. The creamy ivory fits nicely with a summer garden wedding, while the dark purple would be ideal for an art décor or modern wedding. There are also pink, yellow, and orange calla lily variants.


These ruffled flowers are just the type that is utilized for wedding decorations because they are adaptable, vibrant, and reasonably priced. Additionally, these lovely blossoms have great significance for future grooms and brides because they stand for hope and joy for the rest of one’s life.

Using floral decorations for weddings is one of the most ideal approaches. However, the choice of flowers can have a great impact on the theme of the wedding. To make sure that you have the best decorations, hire the top Flower Decorators near Me in Bangalore at Balloon Pro. We have been providing services to clients for years and promise to provide the ideal decoration at a reasonable price.

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