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December 8, 2020 | by Admin

How to Celebrate Birthday During Covid-19? – BalloonPro Guide

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No, we didn’t see this coming. A pandemic was not expected out of the blue to cripple our lives as it has done. However, despite how much we detest it, we all know it is here to stay and we have to continue living our life keeping a barrier between us and the infectious disease.

So, to celebrate our birthday with as much fun and frolic as before, we have to plan our birthdays around it. To help you do that Balloon Pro, one of the best birthday decorations Bangalore is here with a guide and some fun ideas for your birthdays during Covid- 19.

Lets us quickly take a look at what these fun promising ideas are;

Try some cool Baking recipes!

People everywhere are trying out great recipes at home after the pandemic has invaded our lives. If you are one of those who have tried out a lot of fun recipes then this is not a new idea.

Tasty cakes are always a major part of our birthday! So, there you go try out some unique cake recipes on your birthday and make the most of the day!

Set a Party Theme

A party theme will create an environment that will naturally uplift your mood and make your birthday one-notch better in this grim situation. So do make sure you are keeping a birthday theme- a happy one!

Here are some of Balloon Pro’s balloon decoration for home theme recommendations for your birthday-

  • Camping Party Theme (Indoor or Outdoor but within your house premises)
  • Art Party Theme
  • Story-telling Theme
  • Chocolate-themed party

Set up a Video Call Party

Right from day one of this pandemic people everywhere are video-calling away. So, instead of thinking this will not be fun, we will say don’t take this for granted people during early pandemics didn’t have such options at all. Scoop out the fun part from this and make it more happening. First, set the party timing and try to know if will it be okay for the ones who you want to join the celebration. The next points will guide you on how to make your birthday extra fun.

Invite People

Send out beautiful and fun e-card invitation cards to all the people out there whom you want to join your birthday party. Also, inform them know about the theme of your party, so they can prepare accordingly whether costume-wise or activity-wise.

Arrange Virtual Games

That’s the way to go! A great fun party means a lot of talking, food, and fun games! Yes, brainstorm great game ideas that you can play with your family and friends from a distance and have a great fun time with your loved ones! Here are some recommendations from Balloon Pro, the top event organising companies in bangalore;

  • Quizzes are just great!
  • Charades
  • A game of Bingo!
  • Guess the Word game
  • Antakshari

Cook up some great Food

Foods are a must so with the ones you are spending your pandemic days with friends or family try out together some delicious recipes and enjoy the delicious food!

Also, for your distant family, you can opt for some food delivery service to send them packed food and later huddle up together in front of the video screen and enjoy a good food time together!

Spend Quality Family Time

We have taken this opportunity to just remind you that a birthday does not have to be all glittery it can be a simple affair and just an opportunity to spend time with your loved one. So, make a list jotting down how you are feeling like spending your time with your family this birthday and accordingly celebrate it.

Sharing- is-Caring

This pandemic has snatched away many jobs; many out there have little means to make ends meet. Thus, this time try and extend support and dedicate this birthday of yours to a great cause by donating to an organization that is working day and night to help unfortunate individuals. Bringing a smile to someone’s face is one of the greatest presents you can gift yourself.
Phew! There you go now you can have a fun-filled Pandemic Birthday following these ideas!

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