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October 18, 2021 | by Admin

Top 5 Budget-friendly Decoration Ideas for Your Home in This Diwali

Diwali Decoration at Home

Diwali is coming up in a few days. The festival of lights is about more than just firecrackers; it’s also about family bonding and allowing your creative side to shine. We completely understand that you are likely juggling plenty of festive responsibilities, such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, and so on. And then there’s the ‘Diwali decoration.’ Don’t worry if you haven’t finished the decoration yet. Here we, experts at team Balloonpro, the best event planners in Bangalore, have come up with some stylish and eye-catching ideas for brightening up your sweet home without breaking the bank.

Diwali Decoration at Home: Top 5 Budget-friendly Ideas

Thread Lanterns

You can use it to shine up your sweet home, and you can make it yourself. To make this, you need fevicol, balloons, cotton yarn, and a bowl. To begin, fill the bowl with water and glue. Mix them thoroughly. Place the yarn in it and set it aside for a while. Wind the yarn around a full-blown balloon randomly and tightly. Allow the glue to dry once you’ve got the desired pattern. Then pop the balloon and remove it. Now you may add lights to it and hang the thread lanterns. If you want more stunning decoration ideas using balloons, reach team Balloonpro to get your best balloon decoration for home.

Creative Rangoli

Use playdough to add a creative twist to your rangoli by using vibrant colors and patterns. Arrange diyas with intriguing patterns to give your rooms a delightful touch. You may also make stencil rangoli patterns on the floor with paper cutouts and poster paints.

A Memory Wall With Lights

What could be better than displaying photos of your most treasured memories? It is a lovely way to repurpose unused or empty wall space. Fairy lights are easily available in the market and are also reasonably priced. Arrange the fairy lights in rows, leaving enough space between them. Then, print out some of your favorite photos of family and friends. Put the photographs in between the lights or clip them on, and watch your memories come to life! It can be done in any room, but particularly in the living room, or make it an attention grabber in the dining room.


A fantastic potpourri combo will fill your home with a zesty smell. Fill a decorative bowl or a cane basket with a handful of dried flowers, petals, and herbs. Mix your favorite spices, woody aromas, and essential oils in the bowl to make the arrangement aromatic.

Fruit Candles

What a cost-effective, nature-inspired way to brighten up your home! An ingenious DIY decor idea that even your child may try is making candles out of orange peels. Eat your fruit and pierce the orange peel with a fork. Then, inside, put a tea-light candle and enjoy your own perfumed glow. Wasn’t that simple?

We hope you like this blog. Choose the decor ideas you like and make your home sparkle with love and light this Diwali. And if you need more Diwali decoration ideas for your home, such as balloon decoration for home, flower decoration for home, etc., feel free to contact team Balloonpro, the top affordable event planners in Bangalore.

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