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January 24, 2022 | by Admin

Top 6 Mind-blowing Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

Wedding Reception Decor

Isn’t the wedding stage decor the first thing you see when you go to a wedding venue or mandap? Wedding stage decor is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring that your wedding photographs are stunning. Couples no longer desire the done-and-dusted wedding stage decoration in this gram-era. They want something new, and unique that reflects their preferences, story, and personality.

So, for any such couple on the lookout for some stunning wedding stage decor ideas, we, experts at team Balloonpro, the best event organizing company in Bangalore, are here with this blog to help them. Here are some fabulous stage decor ideas that can mesmerize your guests.

Classic Red and Gold Decor for Big Fat Indian Weddings

Red and gold is a classic combination that never goes out of style. It’s timeless and classic, and it’s the best of the lot. This wedding stage decoration is ideal for couples planning a traditional Indian wedding. The gold and red hues appear to be celebratory and classic enough for a lovely wedding reception.

Surreal Flower Decoration That Looks Like a Fairytale

For many couples, floral decorations are the go-to option. Fresh flowers, a mild fragrance, and a heavenly appearance make every wedding look beautiful. It’s surreal to see a magnificent floral reception stage! When it comes to the best flower decorations in Bangalore, feel free to reach team Balloonpro. We are experts at giving you exactly what you want at an affordable price!

Pop of Bright Colors

Why settle for anything ordinary when you can go glam with the colors? A stunning pop of color, along with white and pastel flowers to break up the monotony, provides for a simple yet marvelous wedding decoration. It’s ideal for a couple who wants a splash of color but not too much!

Royal Indian-Themed Wedding Stage Decor

Couples that want to marry like kings and queens should choose a wedding decoration that reflects their goal. A wedding stage that appears as if it belongs in an Indian palace! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? This type of wedding decoration, which includes gigantic sets and chandeliers, is suitable for individuals who need a reception stage without flowers. The combination of maroon and gold is sure to take your breath away.

A Dreamy White Marriage Stage Decoration

White is always glam, always elegant, and, of course, it looks fantastic. Team Balloonpro has the best wedding decoration ideas if you wish to keep your wedding decor on these lines and if an all-white theme thrills you. This decor is stunning due to the usage of white flowers in the backdrop as well as at the stage’s foot.

Magnificent Night Sky Decor

Are you a fan of Van Gogh’s Starry Night? Then why are you seeking different wedding decorations for your big day? A stage decor inspired by the night sky looks gorgeous and is appropriate for the hatke couples.

In an Indian marriage ceremony, the wedding stage is the center of attraction. So, if you need a lavish stage decoration for wedding party at an affordable price, feel free to contact team Balloonpro right now.


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